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July 24, 2013
by drkarlkabasele
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Link Between Cigarette Cravings And Cancer

The Earlier You Need To Smoke, The Greater Your Cancer Risk

Most smokers become hooked on cigarettes partially because of the addictive (but relatively benign) drug nicotine that’s found in the smoke. A 2011 study suggested that the stronger your addiction to nicotine, the higher your risk of cancer. The idea is that the more you depend on nicotine, the stronger your cravings will be and the more you end up smoking, and thus the greater your exposure to the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke.

For some free resources to quit smoking in Canada, see:


For some free resources to quit smoking in the U.S., see:


July 23, 2013
by drkarlkabasele
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Using Drugs To Cheat In Sports

Performance Enhancing Drugs Increase Risk Of Cancer, Other Health Problems

It may be surprising that we continue to hear about athletes getting caught using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), especially given what we know about the health (and professional) consequences of using them. But with millions of dollars in prize money, professional contracts and endorsements at stake, those risks are apparently worth it to some athletes.

In this video clip from 2012 we discuss the potential health impacts of the use of PEDs, as well as some of the techniques that athletes use to avoid getting caught.

And for a detailed description of the harms to your health of using PEDs, see:


July 11, 2013
by drkarlkabasele
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