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Exercise & Heart Risk

Extreme Cardio Can Cause Heart Damage

Going for a long run can feel great, but running may also lead to injuries. In addition to that, a 2012 study pointed out that too much exercise may overwork the heart, causing scarring of the heart muscle. In this video clip I discuss the findings of the study and who is at risk.

Before you go and throw away your running shoes it should be noted that in actuality far more of us are at risk from not exercising enough!

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that most adults should get 150 minutes of physical activity each week, and that can be broken down into chunks as small as 10 minutes at a time.

You should “focus on moderate to vigorous aerobic activity”, which means exercise at least at the level of a brisk walk.

And don’t forget to do some strengthening activities that target muscles and bone at least twice a week.

For physical activity tips for people of all ages, see:


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