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A Tribute To My Late Mother: Diabetes Education

One month ago my mother, Anita, passed away suddenly. I’m at a loss for the words to describe the impact this has had on me and my family, but all of us together, with the support of dear friends, have begun the slow, difficult process of healing.

My Mom taught me so much about life. She was a strong believer in putting people first, over material things or anything else. She was an idealist who had very specific notions of right and wrong, and how people ought to live and treat each other with respect and kindness. Mom loved language, was a voracious reader, and in my early, formative years imparted her love of communication to my sister and me. If I have any ability to connect with people, it’s because of the foundation that she laid.

I hope that my work as a physician and health educator will serve as a living tribute to my Mom’s life and the principles that she lived by. Thank you Mom for leading by example. I love you.

* * *

I have begun work with Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), a Canadian media network dedicated to providing television, radio and online content to all people, including those with impaired vision or hearing. You can learn more about AMI on their website, http://www.AMI.ca

My first health educational segment for AMI was a review of diabetes, which aired on AMI-TV in July, 2013. You can view the segment here:

For some more background info on diabetes, click on this link: http://drkarlhq.com/?p=51

Diabetes is a terrible disease that has touched generations of my own family. Because my mother lived with diabetes and was an advocate for better healthcare for people with diabetes, I’d like to dedicate this diabetes segment to her.

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